Our policies and procedures are on display in our foyer. Policies we hold are as follows:

Child protection statement and policy.

Confidentiality Policy.

Mobile Phone Policy.

Camera and video Policy.

Online safety Policy.

Health and Safety Policy.

Suitable people.

Staff employment Policy.

Students/Volunteers Policy.

Disciplinary Procedure.

Grievance Procedure.

Absence Policy.

Medication Policy.

Alcohol and other substances.

Equal Opportunities Policy.

Fire Procedure.

Whistle blowing Policy.

Staff Appraisal Policy.

Settling in Policy/Key person Policy.

Staff: Child Ratios.

Managing sick children Policy.

Food and Drink/ Healthy eating Policy

Food Hygiene Policy.

Diet Policy and Practice.

Food and Drink.

Accident and injury.

Behavior Policy.

Written statement on bullying.

Safety Policy.

Hand washing/ Hygiene Policy.

Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety premises.

Children’s security Policy.

No smoking Policy.

Risk assessment Policy.

Outing Policy/ Lost Child Policy.

Missing Child Policy.


Data Protection.

Information about the child.

Arrival/ Departure.

Information for parents and carers.

Policy for uncollected Child.

Partnership with parents Policy.

Parents guide to the Early Years Foundation stage framework complaints procedure.


Animal Policy.



Dummy Policy.


Nappy Policy.

Sun Protection policy.